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He sauntered in

amongst strangers

in a strange land

The night is set

For the unknown

The unexpected sound

of the first riff alone

reminded him of home

He knew it

and the others that came after it

Euphoria was his calling

That night

The booze

The blues

He wanted Janis

And I gave it

For a man who knows what he wants

And asks for it

Gets it

One by one

Those who stood by him stood up

off they went

Until he was the only one left

The last man standing

At our hall

Still watching

Still listening

And I’m wondering

Nobody stays

But him

So I asked him

So ensued a back-and-forth

Of what-do-you-call-this bliss

Of apparently readers entwined

By common threads

And uncommon journeys

The inexorable end

was near

I fear

Had to be done, it’s late

We were the only ones left

Except for the bar staff

who knew such nights well

It was a long day the next day

For bills music can’t pay

And he had work the rest of his stay

Painfully short

Life is short

As was our talk

About things I like

About thinks he likes

About what gives life meaning

Unlikely beginning

He’s interested

I’m interested

Nobody stays

But him

And like others

Who cross paths

That’s all it ever was

the end comes even before it starts

A blip

A taste

An interloper

Beguiling and beautiful

Never seen again

Written by

Former presidential speechwriter, still a musician; writes about urban gridlocks. Will work full time for the planet. Harvard Kennedy School ‘14 🇵🇭

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