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Planning is everything

Even if plans are just plans

It took a year, for you

Our special rendezvous

Like piecing puzzle pieces



We are constantly apart

A rendezvous with you

Mirabile visu

But impossible to stage

All those tasks to rearrange

Another time zone

That alone

Inspires defeat

But you’re worth it

We profit from the friction

Of distance and isolation

Frequent solitude

Fills me with gratitude

When the mind is consumed of us finally apace

Loneliness leaves no trace

Then suddenly, the order came

No one is to blame

Nature intervened


Too far apart

And my heart

While used to the friction

Of distance and isolation

Longs for you needs you

Mirabile visu

Even if I can’t touch you.

Written by

Former presidential speechwriter, still a musician; writes about urban gridlocks. Will work full time for the planet. Harvard Kennedy School ‘14 🇵🇭

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