Life and Leadership Lessons from Rush

Photo credit: Spin

“Every night after the show the girls would line up — my god you could even be an ugly bastard like me and get laid and none of the Rush guys ever did it. I just never understood it. They’re not gay. No. Farm animals? No that’s not it. What the f*** did you do? You went back to your hotel room!”

Commit to what you love

“We were so in love with what we’ve done. We were so into it. So proud of it. When Caress of Steel pretty much met a deaf ear, we were opening acts for smaller tours. We were playing backwater clubs. We called it at the time the “Down The Tubes” tour.” — Neil Peart

Be exceptional

Embrace lifelong learning

That was the thing about Rush. We were always overreaching. — Geddy Lee

Experiment, but know your boundaries

“There was no such thing as ‘that doesn’t suit Rush.’ Those words have never been uttered.” — Neil Peart

There is no such thing as an overnight success

Ignore the critics, but listen to your fans

“I stopped reading reviews a long time ago because if I believed the good ones I would have to believe the bad ones.” — Neil Peart

Surround yourself with people you love

“There is no replacing anyone in this band. That is just not possible. It is the band, the three of us.” — Geddy Lee

Enjoy the process

Former presidential speechwriter, still a musician; writes about urban gridlocks. Will work full time for the planet. Harvard Kennedy School ‘14 🇵🇭

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