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Former presidential speechwriter, still a musician; writes about urban gridlocks. Will work full time for the planet. Harvard Kennedy School ‘14 🇵🇭
The author with Sec Dinky during the Aquino-Roxas campaign in 2010

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What is Ascend Athletics?

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Get used to it!” Accept as part of your daily existence two or three — or more — hours sitting amid dirt, crammed against strangers, breathing foul air, sweating in summer, shivering in winter. Accept that you will be doing this for a substantial portion of every working day of your life, until you are old. “Get used to it!” One has to think about what those words, so casually uttered, really mean. One has to realize that the man uttering those words has accepted discomfort…

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The author with former Philippine President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III

‘A true democracy is consensus building’ — your words put flesh to my thoughts. Our people’s lives have been bettered by your sacrifice. Thank you.

— President Noynoy Aquino, in a TIME cover dedication for the author

Sir Winston Churchill (source: Wikipedia)

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The most basic and probably the most effective strategy to prevent road traffic incident[sic] is to start with the most critical component in the road transport equation — the driver.

- Edgar C. Galvante, Assistant Secretary/Head, LTO

Mai Mislang

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